Sigma Phi Epsilon is a fraternity dedicated towards reaching the Balanced Man Ideal: building and maintaining a Sound Mind and Sound Body. Our Balanced Man Program is a continuous learning experience that helps us develop into, "Balanced Leaders for the World's Communities."


SigEps at Valpo


We're Here to Learn

Our Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter is a proud RLC chapter of the organization. This means we hold our members to a higher academic standard than many other fraternities both on campus, and nationwide. 

We're Here to Lead

It doesn't take long to find a SigEp in a campus leadership position at Valpo. We encourage our members to be involved in campus clubs and organizations, hopefully helping Valpo continuously become better for everyone.  In fact, the current Student Body President is a SigEp!

SigEp also participates in the national Leadership Continuum. This program is an award-winning series of distinct and progressive leadership opportunities aimed at teaching and reinforcing SigEp values to a Brother from the day he joins until the day he graduates. Through self-discovery, analysis, and interaction, Brothers develop skills necessary to lead balanced lives and to continue leading the fraternity world. This type of program is truly one-of-a-kind and is the only comprehensive leadership experience offered to men participating in Valparaiso University greek life. The SigEp Leadership Continuum has given our Brothers the skills needed to be the leading chapter on Valpo’s campus by shedding the traditional “pledging” model in favor of a focus on leadership development and continuing education.

We're Here to Have Fun Too

While we do take college very seriously, we also leave plenty of time for fun. Sigma Phi Epsilon holds some of the most successful dance parties on campus every year, participates in every intramural sport, and has been recognized for having consistently Outstanding Chapter Programming by Valpo's Office of Greek Life.

The Balanced Man Program

balanced man

"This fraternity will be different..."

Unlike most college fraternities, most SigEp chapters do not run a pledge program. This is the case for Indiana Zeta. Where other programs require new members to prove themselves, we strive to get to know our new recruits well enough to know if they have what we require before we hand them a bid.

In addition to helping to guide our recruiting practices, the Balanced Man Program is designed to help our men develop as they move through the different stages of the program, gaining valuable life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Featured in the Balanced Man program are our Sound Mind and Sound Body programs, as well as our Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon prgrams.

Sound Mind: In our recently restructured Sound Mind program, we have had regular meeting between brothers where we have invited numerous Valpo faculty to our home to speak with us about their respective disciplines. Our fall semester involves primarily academic events while our spring semester will include topics on professional development, as well as a formal debate.

Sound Body: Our Sound Body program encourages our members to stay active and live out our 'athlete' pillar. Included is the Race to Richmond, a program in which hours of various workouts are translated into miles, with the ultimate goal of traveling 757 miles, the distance from Valpo to Richmond, where SigEp was founded. 

Sigma: Our sigma program welcomes introduces new members to much of our national and local history. They go through a series of lessons and have access to SigEp readings which team them our virtues and values, and help to instill a passion for living them out and finding their place in the fraternity.

Phi: Our Phi program aims to help brothers grow and develop as a balanced man. These members are assisted in identifying their strengths and how to utilize them best in the fraternity and in their life. They are encouraged to develop their leadership skills as well as build up their professional skill se for the future.

Epsilon: Our Epsilon program challenges members to lead and serve as a balanced man. They will also experience opportunities that drive them outside their comfort zone and push them to try new things with an open mind. Another major part of this program is setting a series of SMART goals and teaming up to work with an experienced mentor to acheive them.