Kappa Phi Tau

The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter that we know today was first founded Kappa Phi Tau on April 29th, 1947. Thirty-one charter members were recognized. In December of 1947, a house was founded at 505 Lincolnway Drive, (now home to Front Porch Music, pictured right).

Before the end of Spring in 1948, there were 48 brothers in Kappa Phi Tau. By 1950, Kappa Phi Tau boasted a membership of 70 brothers and began looking for a national affiliate.

On May 5th, 1956, we were charted the Indiana Zeta chapter of SIgma Phi Epsilon. Membership remained strong, and in 1950 the chapter expanded its living situation into 503 Lincolnway.


A New House

On November 23rd, 1969, we moved into a new house at 705 Mound Street (our current residence). However, they kept the Lincolnway houses for 5 more years. Seniors and high standing Juniors remained in the 505 houses while underclassmen lived at 705 Mound. The 505 houses were not given up until the late 70's.

Also in the 70's, Indiana Zeta won its first Buchanan Cup (1973). In 1985, we won our second Buchanan Cup and also had the largest membership in the chapter's history: 128 brothers.


The Balanced Man Program

In 1992, the first Balanced Man Scholarship was given to Ty Dawson. In 1995, the Balanced Man Program was fully implemented into Indiana Zeta. We have been reaping the rewards ever since.

The opening years of SigEp's second century have proved to be some of the most outstanding years in the history of Indiana Zeta. We won four consecutive Buchanan Cups in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007: the third, fourth, fifth and sixth in chapter history. We also were awarded Top Honors or Honorable Mention in all Greek awards.